BrusselĀ“s Expert Teamwork

Project participation (Selection)


Implementation and potential funding opportunities in a geothermal plant
for heat and power generation in the Hessen region
in collaboration with the Rhine-Taunus district.
Assistance in project development, the formation of a consortium,
Guidance on incentives of EU programs.

Regional (cross-border) cooperation:

Expert, consulting and lecturing
as part of the programs' economic and structural reform
and Regional Economic Cooperation
and integration of Asia-China -on behalf of GIZ, Beijing
Cooperation initiatives and programs between German and Greek carriers.


Anlage von 1-3 MW in Nordostgriechenland in Zusammenarbeit mit
den Kommunen der Region (2006-2007).


Analysis and evaluation of transport policy framework programs,
Initiatives and funding opportunities of the European Commission.
Client: ETC Transport Consultants GmbH, RMV (2003 - 2005).


Know-how transfer in terms of organization and financing of
Public transport networks in Porto, Budapest, Athens, Rhein-Main area and Dresden
Applying for ERDF, organization and monitoring of the implementation of the project.


Expertise on German-Greek cooperation on public transport (1998-2000).


Expertise on European programs and initiatives
in Transportation (1998-1999).


Training for export with partners from Germany, Sweden,
Greece and Hungary;
Application of the EU's Leonardo, organization and coordination of the project.


Trade Management- An International Vocational Training in Trade
Application of Leonardo Program.

Wind power:

Wind farm of 10MW in Kavala /Northern Greece in cooperation with the
local mayors and EU programs (1996-1998).

MSRP Athens:

Environmental studies, and solution concepts for the Athens /Greece.
6th EC Environment Research Programme, Project Athens
WIB Space Institute Berlin GmbH, BET, Pakoe (1991-1992).